zaterdag 20 augustus 2016

Challenge 3


De 2 de challenge is weer ten einde. We zijn blij met het aantal deelnemers.
The 2nd challenge is over now. We are glad with the participants.

Helaas nemen we afscheid van een DT lid, Astrid, we gaan je missen!!!!
Unfortunately, we are saying goodby to one of our DT members. Astrid we are going to miss you!!!!

Als winnaar is random gekozen:
The winner is, choosen by random org:

16 - Caroline's Creaties


Je mag onze badge nemen en contact opnemen met met als referentie challenge 2 Creative Sketchy Girls - Bugaboo

You may take our badge en contact me at with in the subject line challenge 2 Creative Sketchy Girls - Bugaboo

En de top 3 gekozen door onze DT zijn geworden in numerieke volgorde:
And the top 3 choosen by the DT team are in numerical order: 

8 - Margreet
15 - Hazel
18 - Lilian Sevriens

Top 3

Jullie mogen onze badges nemen voor op je blog en als je wilt mogen jullie GDT zijn voor onze volgende challenge. In dat geval mag je contact opnemen met met als referentie GDT Challenge 2

You may take our badge for your blogs and if you want to be our GDT for our next challenge, you may contact with in the subject line GDT Challenge 2

We willen onze sponser nog bedanken voor de sponsering:
Thank you to our Fabulous sponser:

En nu komt onze 3de challenge. Je kan meedoen tot 15 september
And now our3th challenge. This is running until 15th september

Hier is onze schets
Here is our sketch
Deze mag je draaien, roteren spiegelen, zolang we deze maar herkennen
You may turn, rotated it, as long as we recognize it.
schets 3

Deze keer zijn we gesponserd door
Our first sponsor is
KJ Arting

Kylie's "personacity" is currently living in Colorado. Growing up as an army brat, she got to experience the different flavors of culture across the United States and even some countries overseas.

As a married, stay at home mom of three with a special needs kindergartner, she enjoys drawing, learning to sew, photography, reading, and learning to cook allergy friendly recipes. Kylie is autistic, and thinks it helps her see the world in a unique, and creative way that feeds her art.

Kylie doodled and scribbled growing up like most children did. When she was 13, she saw a comic book in line at the commissary. It was X-Men #22. Her mother bought it for her, and Kylie fell in love with the industry.

She started out learning to draw  by redrawing every panel of X-Men #22 and Uncanny X-Men #302. Her mother back ordered hundreds of comics for her, feeding her imagination and curiosity. Kylie xeroxed dozens and dozens of pages, wallpapering her room in sequential pages to study.

Artists that really caught her eye and influenced her direction were Alan Davis, Andy Kubert, Gary Frank, and Adam Hughes. She also adores pinup up girls, and her drawing of full figured women and natural curves helped build a clientele that is very diverse. 

At age 15, a year and a half after finding her first comic book, Kylie was published by AC Comics in Femforce Pin-up Portfolio 5. Rebekah Black, the wife of AC Comics owner, Bill Black, wrote Kylie's local comic book store expressing surprise that Kylie was so young and requested to see more of her work.

Several publications followed, as well as newsletter features, comic book preview magazines, and the Who's Who In American High School Students. Kylie won Best of Show in the 1996 Columbus Welcomes the World art show for the Olympics in Georgia.

Most of her recent work includes personal commissions, sketch card sets, book illustrations, t-shirt designs, art trades, and other freelance work. She has illustrated two children's books.

She has worked on several non-sports trading card sets including Ken Galan's Contemporary Pinups 2013, the second Larry Welz's Cherry Poptart series, Naughty Nurses by Chadpop Entertainment, Dead Divas by Unstoppable Cards, Babes of the Dead by 5Finity, and many more. She has donated her art to multiple charities including the Chicago Gala of the 2013 Foundation for Angelman Syndrome Therapeutics, Island Dreams 3, and silent art auctions for various smaller charities.

Her current interests are learning to design tshirts for the popular daily t-shirt sites such as Ript, Teefury, teeVillain, Blue Box Tees, TeePublic and others.

Some of Kylie's favorite things include Alice In Wonderland, Marilyn Monroe, antique books, and the color pink. Her favorite TV Shows are Supernatural, Smallville, Psych, and A Little Bit of Fry and Laurie to name a few. She loves anything involving Monty Python or Doctor Who.

A few of her favorite authors are Diana Gabaldon, Piers Anthony, JK Rowling, and Robin Hobb.

Ayumi Hamasaki, Hyper Crush, Adele, Frank Sinatra, Tool, and Pitbull are a few of the many artists that fill Kylie's Spotify. She has an extremely eclectic taste in music, and loves all genres from classical to industrial.

She is a certified massage therapist, and 2nd level reiki practitioner.

Kylie is also learning American Sign Language to communicate with her oldest daughter who has Angelman Syndrome.

KJ Arting geeft de winnaar een fysieke kleurboek. Ze betalen ook voor de verzendkosten.
KJ Arting is offering the winner a physical coloring book of their choice. They will pay for shipping.
Onze 2de sponser is
Our second sponsor is 

 A Day For Daisies

A Day For Daisies provides themed categories of over 3000 digital stamp illustrations for all your crafty projects. See our website to view them all!



A Day For Daisies geeft de winnaar een cadeaubon van 12$ cadeau voor in haar webshop.
A Day For Daisies give the winner a 12$ gift cerficate for in her webshop.

En dan volgen nu de mooie creaties van ons DT team
And now beautiful card off our DT team

DT Using KJ Arting


DT Using A Day for Daisies
using Tender Thoughts

using Silent Film

using A Magical Read

using WaterTalk

Veel plezier!!!
Have Fun

Claudia, Lisbeth en het DT Team

woensdag 3 augustus 2016

Reminder Challenge 2


We zijn halfweg onze challenge en tijd voor een reminder. Dit hebben onze GDT deze maand gemaakt.
We are half way at our challenge , so time for a reminder. This is what our GD made this month.

 GDT Carla

 GDT Bernadet

 GDT Nelleke

Dit is de schets die je mag gebruiken voor onze challenge. Je kan je kaartje hier linken
Here is the sketch you may use for our challenge. You can link your card here.

Je kan nog meedoen tot 15 augustus 22.00 pm
Je can still join untill 15th august 22.00 pm

Veel plezier!!!
Have Fun!!!

Claudia, Lisbeth en het DT Team